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C3 Rovers are a great way to market your products and services.

We take ours to trade shows, fill them with bottled water and the cupholders with business cards and motor it
around our booth. We have seen a 300% increase to our trade show traffic.

Like most companies we support many local charities. The C3 Rover is perfect for a donated item to charity fundraising auctions. We have licenses with the NFL, MLB and numerous NCAA Teams. We recently donated a Greenbay Packer rover to the M.A.C.C organizations annual fundraiser. It raised $1400 at the auction.

The C3 Rover, Truck and Zamboni all use the same platform and have the same features.

Radio controlled - 100 ft range.  Carries a case of 30ea 12oz cans and a bag of ice. Has LED headlights and built in bluetooth stereo speakers. It comes with a 10amp rechargeable battery and charger. We have run them non-stop for nearly 4 hours, fully loaded, lights on and stereo at full volume. They are rotationally molded, the same as Yeti. C3 makes a very durable cooler!

We make branded coolers for 100's of companies. Call or email us today for pricing and delivery.


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