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Rotational molding
, also known as rotomolding, is a process most commonly recognized for its ability to easily manufacture large hollow parts. A hollow mold is loaded with a predetermined weight of material, then slowly rotated while being heated, causing the melting material to evenly coat the inside surface of the mold. The mold continues to rotate throughout the heating phase, as well as the subsequent cooling phase. Finally, a solid and hollow part is removed from the mold and the process is repeated again.

We are easily able to mold very strong and durable parts, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Seljan Company can seamlessly take you from an idea to a finished part. We start with a 3D Solidworks™ model. After we meet your design expectations our in-house mold department takes over. In most cases we are able to get your new tool ready for production in 4-5 weeks. We have 9 rotomolding work cells and 3 (more to come) robotic finishing cells running 24 hours a day.

Robotic Finishing

Our robots, tooling and programming are by our sister company - Rock Lake Robotics LLC.

Below are just a few of the over 2500 parts we currently mold for our customers.

We have been recognized by the publishers of Plastics News to be one of the fastest growing plastic molders in the United States. Our 502,000 sq foot molding plant allows inside storage of all molded products. We have inside loading docks so nothing ever gets wet. Many of our customers take advantage of our space by working with us on inventory stocking programs. We offer complete fulfillment services to include packaging and direct shipping.

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